What happens on a Digital Device, Stays on a Digital Device.

Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics is the collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation of digital-related evidence; using analytic techniques to identify, collect, examine and preserve information which is electronically stored. Computer, cell phone and digital evidence can be useful in criminal cases, corporate disputes and civil litigation.

More information is retained on digital devices then most people realize. It's also more difficult to completely remove information than is generally thought. For these reasons (and many more), computer and digital forensic can often find evidence of, or even completely recover, lost, deleted and tampered with information, even if it was intentionally deleted and wiped clean.

Our Data Forensics Services include:

  • Extraction & preservation of digital contents
  • Electronic investigations
  • Digital data & electronic analysis
  • Seizure of digital evidence for forensic purposes
  • Investigation of digital evidence
  • Recovery of deleted digital content
  • Electronic fraud detection Corporate systems & security analysis
  • Data analysis & recovery
  • Cell phones & mobile devices data extraction, preservation & analysis
  • Retrieve & analyze text messages, emails, images etc.
  • Corporate digital crime reconstruction
  • Web surfing pattern analysis
  • Online hacking, Email investigation
  • Authentication of digital data (certificate)
  • Password recovery
  • Cyber hacking, stalking and activity patterns
  • Digital corporate sabotage



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